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Whats The Plan

Hi all,

For anybody who doesn't know us, we are Gary and Pam Eastman. We are a fairly local family to Lynton and Lynmouth, with Gary being a native and Pam having been here for the last 16 years.

When any business as iconic as The Greenhouse changes hands, there is always much interest in what will happen with the place. So, we thought it would be nice to let you know about our plans.

Firstly, I would like to express thanks to Guy and Chris for being such great people to deal with. Keeping up investment in any business has been pretty thankless in recent years, but they have definitely done so from a new operator's perspective, The Greenhouse is well-equipped to hit the ground running and is in a great position to be successful in the future. So, thanks again.

When will the place open ?

We open Mid March, there is scaffolding going up to undertake roof repair work, some changes are happening inside and then we are ready to go.

Now, what are we going to do with the place?

Initial trade will be during the daytime, evenings will be added around April, exact dates to be confirmed.  Throughout the daytime you will be able to enjoy coffee, cake or a full meal off of our menu, once we open during the evening the same menu can be enjoyed. 

The previous operators have left a robust kitchen with great appliances for cooking, grilling, making pizzas, and frying goods. Everything we need to offer a diverse menu is in place. Think burgers, fish and chips, and, after four years of waiting, a permanent home for our specialty Pannang Pizza, something for everybody.

Just to reassure all, we are not interested in opening another pub so this will be a steady catering establishment, nothing crazy, just good food, a nice restaurant and drinks to go with it, closing at restaurant times, not bar times.

Also for anybody who might be worried, this is not a sign of us letting go at The Cottage Inn, The Thai food will remain and we love the place more today than we did in April 2015 when first took over, Nartnapa remains head chef and the same friendly faces are there to stay, in the nature of being transparent some slight changes could happen during 2024 to help us become more efficient and better placed for the future but these are planned tweaks and nothing to worry about for lovers of the pub, we will be sure to chat these through at the bar as and when / If  they materialise.  

We are excited to work within such an amazing group of Lynton businesses, looking around us there are some absolutely fantastic catering establishments and there is plenty more to come, No town matches the quality we already have here and the word is spreading that Lynton is a foodie destination like no other.  Something that is great to see is that within Lynton, the restaurants and cafes are operated by local people that really care about the area, we 100% fit into that category, "Go Team Lynton and Lynmouth" 

Team wise we are really happy with what we currently have, I'm so pleased that mother is joining us on this journey and she has so so many skills that will help make the Greenhouse a success, we have never worked together before so expect fireworks. We are also happy some faces of yesterday will be back joining us and pleased to say we have recruited our head chef and details will be announced shortly.

Of course this is hospitality, there will be dramas but our job is to keep these to a minimum as much as possible.

If we do recruit further then we will through our Facebook page.

For our coffee offering, we are keen to meet the standards people expect today. We are undergoing all necessary training and partnering with local coffee suppliers to offer the best coffee we can.

If you would like to join our journey, please subscribe to our site and follow The Greenhouse on social media.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards, Gary & Pam Eastman


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